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Happey Tech is an initiative to build the baseline and standards of technology development with consideration of it’s of human development and interactions.

In 2001, the main existential threat as proclaimed by the 4 international organizations dedicated to human survival, was global warming. Today, it is stated to be development of AI.

Yet, the movement to address the issues leading to the catastrophic scenarios is still at its infant stages. Some believe those are simply inevitable. We think otherwise.

We can’t stop the digital transformation from happening – yet we can introduce the new rules aimed to protect humanity from harm that can be caused by certain uses of technology. We propose a foundation for collaboration between humans and machines that is designed to be mutually beneficial, ethical and overall Happey.




The emerging conversations about ethics lack common definitions. How do we establish ethical guidelines without defining ethics within the segment? How do we know when suggestion becomes manipulation? At what point does the influence of the technology become altering towards a person's development? What we propose is the framework that answers these questions.

We develop a set of definitions that serve as a baseline for evaluating the relationship between a human and a technology

We establish a framework that helps evaluate emerging and existing technology from the viewpoint of Happey.

We create certification process that validates technology use and purpose.



While it is still a work-in-progress (and we urge anyone compelled to join us) , the proposed baseline of Happey Tech consist of 6 basic principles: